Frequently asked Qztcuestions

1.What is the size of the apartment/flat?
The apartment/flat contains at least 50-100㎡.
2.How many rooms does the apartment have?
There are 4-5 rooms including bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. 
3.Do I have to pay for telephone, electricity, water and gas?
4.Does the TV have cable service for English language programs? 
Yes, English language programs are available on CCTV 4 and CCTV 9.
5.Is there an Internet connection for my own portable computer in the apartment?
Yes, you can access the Internet on your own personal or portable computer in your apartment/flat.
6.Are there any facilities for washing and drying clothes?
Yes, there is a washing machine in the apartment. Moreover, there is a laundry and dry cleaning service center on campus or clothes can be brought to professional laundries outside the campus.
7.What happens if I get sick?
As a foreign teacher, you can go to the clinic with all the medicine free of charge. While for major illness, all the expenses will be under your charge. The university will offer you an insurance for unexpected accidents.
8. What is the nearest international airport?
Jinjiang Airport of Quanzhou and Xiamen Airport of Xiamen
9.Will somebody meet me at the airport?
Yes. You will be picked up from the nearest airport
10.Who pay for transportation between Quanzhou and Xiamen?
Usually the University
11.Do I need to buy my own bed sheets, blanket, pillow etc?
12.What is the electrical voltage in China? 220Volts.
13.Are there western food in the Chinese supermarket? 
Yes but a little limited. If you like to cook bring your own spices. But there are a lot of western food restaurants in Quanzhou.
14.What shots do I need to get for China ? 
Please check with your local health authority, or the WHO website. It may not be a bad precaution to get hepatitis shot before coming to China.
15.What do I need to bring to china? 
Personal prescriptions, (Chinese pharmacy most likely will not be able to fill your prescription.) shoes, and clothing if you are wearing larger size than average Chinese.

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