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Works of QNU Selected into the 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts


Recently, final results of the 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts co-hosted by Ministry of Culture, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and China Artists Association were announced.The works of four teachers from the School of Fine Arts and Design were selected into the exhibition, that is, Wu Yaohua’s traditional Chinese painting “The Time We Spent Together”, Wei Jun’s lacquer painting “Diagram in Memory”, Lv Xiaochuan’s lacquer painting “Centuries of Liyuan Theater” and Huang Xinong’s lacquer painting “Old Craftsmanship—Carpentry”.

It is reported that the National Exhibition of Fine Arts founded in 1949 is held every five years, which is the most influential and authoritative national exhibition with the largest scale, the widest range of participation and the greatest variety of fine arts. It is honored as the Olympic Games of the national arts circle, including 12 exhibition areas such as traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolors, design, comprehensive art, etc.

(School of Fine Arts and Design)

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